Doug Kooy, Executive Producer & Host

Doug is a well-known media personality in Western Canada. He hosted the popular prime time show `Online’, which was broadcast on Joy TV10 for almost 5 years. Doug is currently developing a number of media projects. His extensive broadcasting career has taken place in Hawaii, California and throughout Canada. Doug is an author and a sought after public speaker. His motivational presentations have taken him around the world.

“My thoughts on Israel are simple: It is a miracle. When I interviewed a pro soccer player in Israel I asked him to explain Israel. `God – there is no other explanation’ he said.”

Farrah Aviva, Co-Host

Farrah Aviva is an actor that has diverse experience in the fashion and entertainment industry.  She has traveled to China, Italy, the US and Brazil designing and developing lines for Oscar de la Renta, Paris Hilton, Nine West and Mecca. She spent two years in New York helping cast Fashion Week and organizing photo shoots for Hollywood A-listers. Farrah co-hosted BC Fashion Week, and worked on North America’s top shopping channel, QVC as Guest Host for Trend Watch. Farrah works and lives in Vancouver.

“Israel touched me on such a profound level that it transformed my state of being.  Now so much that I see in the media seems to be a fallacy and an injustice to a land that promises the world so much.”


Bill Iny, Executive Producer / Project Development

Bill’s background comes from corporate management, franchising, financing and real estate development. His passion and expertise are in building initial concepts into functioning projects. Bill develops the structure, management and logistics of this ongoing project along with the creative aspects. Daily strategy sessions focusing on operations, marketing, and brand development are addressed and advanced.

“Each trip to Israel further reinforces upon me that God dwells here, among the people, and the land.”

Michael H. Walker, Associate Producer

Michael is an executive business manager with a wide ranging background. He spent over 10 years in hotel management before co-founding Walker Hamilton – a Vancouver based Management and Development company. Michael also presides over HD Media Works, a financial company which works in collaboration with HD Pictures and Post Inc., with offices in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

“I never knew Israel was anything like it actually is – an innovative people whose very existence is remarkable. Israel is a compelling place of wonder and earthly treasure.”

Jim Van Dijk, Director / Producer

Jim has gained a wealth of experience over the past 25 years in the art of storytelling, having worked on both documentaries and dramatic productions as a cameraman, producer, editor and director. He has filmed in over 40 countries and throughout North America. Jim has spent the last 15 years working on more than 60 American and Canadian film and television projects. (A full list of Jim’s credits can be found on

“I was excited to see Israel, but concerned about safety of our crew. I was surprised by what I experienced and am planning to return with my family for a visit.”

Alan Frye, Writer

Alan is one of Canada’s most respected journalists, with over 30 years experience in television news and documentary storytelling. He has received multiple Gemini nominations for news and feature reporting, and two RTNDA awards for W-FIVE documentaries.

“As a reporter, I’ve seen the Middle East. I’ve seen the blood and the bombs and the sorrow. However stories like this, of hope and inspiration are rarely told – until now.”

Jacob Benaroch, Creative Consultant

Jacob grew up in Israel before studying art in Paris then working with a leading French design firm. Jacob specializes in consulting on logo and identity branding, and graphic design and production. He has produced many award winning campaigns for large international companies, and he has personally won 3 Benjamin Franklin Awards.

“The single most extraordinary fact about Israel, and this applies to everyone who lives there – regardless of religion, culture or heritage, is the energy that literally transcends a person’s body and soul.”

Todd Williams, Cinematographer

Todd’s independent eye and unique approach to lighting has captured the attention of many producers and directors. He has worked in 11 different countries, and his credits include 22 episodes of Painkiller Jane, and 15 movies for SciFi Channel, Lifetime Network and PAX. Todd is a graduate of Concordia University’s Film Program in Montreal.

“The RED camera was always up for the task of capturing Israel’s seemingly never ending supply of personal stories, natural wonders, and the brilliant grandeur of manmade creations. The dust, heat and physical challenges facing the crew each day may have seemed ruthless at times, but the camera performed beyond belief.”

Colin Wiebe, Artist

Colin wrote a song included in this documentary, which was recorded at the historic site of Masada. He began his career by winning the prestigious America Song Festival with his song, `Key To Your Heart’. Colin sang with Juno Award singer Paul Janz in the 1980s and Canadian legend Randy Bachman in the 1990s. The US military uses his post 911 song `Red, White & Feeling Blue’ as background music for their video presentation on 911.

“I found Israel to be alive and progressive, while also maintaining their unique culture and traditions. It was fascinating for me to experience the names and places that I have read about in scriptures for years.”

Justin Bergeron, Assitant producer / Editor

Justin has fifteen years experience in the television and feature film industries and has specialized in high definition & digital cinema production since 1999. He’s managed projects for many high-profile clients including Lucasfilm, Sony, Walden Media and the US Government. Justin has filmed HD projects in more than two-dozen countries including Egypt, Italy, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. As part of the development team for Amphibico’s HD Amphibicam, he helped pioneer high-def. underwater cinematography. He has played a variety of roles in acclaimed projects such as: Fix, Ripple Effect, Journey 3-D, Bridge to Terabithia, Zodiac, Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, World Trade Center, Click and Hostel, The Blue Realm and the thirteen episode series, Building Green, which recently aired on PBS.